Photographer Information

I am an amateur photographer based in West Sussex, England.

I have been interested in photography for over 25 years and my main early efforts were in the areas of landscape and straightforward portraiture.

Moving increasingly into digital imaging from 1995, I have come around to the making of images, in contrast to the traditional taking. My current interests lie mainly in the direction of the symbolic, in the meaning behind images. The montaging of disparate elements has been a major technique in this endeavour.

A second thread has been the turning of the constraints of that rectangular or square window on the world, that is the image area, into opportunities. How to make the frame interact with that which is inside – and with that which is outside the frame. To consciously use this boundary to contribute to the image.

Other than for purely pictorial photography, how can ambiguity be encapsulated in an image? It can be argued that leaving an image with all questions answered, all elements plainly understood, is an unsatisfying experience. The reader of the image must be faced with unresolved problems, that provoke thought. He or she should contribute something of their own experience, but not leave with all the answers.

Finally, in the last few years I have tried my hand at astrophotography - most effectively after having an observatory constructed. See the separate information on this in the Notes section.

As a footnote, most images were prepared as competition/exhibition prints.